Polaris RZR 2016 Turbo Hand Held Power Tuner with Bikeman Performance Tunes

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Polaris RZR 2016 Turbo  Hand Held Power Tuner with Bikeman Performance Tunes

RZR XP Turbo Tuning Info


The DynoJet 3 tuner and BMP custom tunes are the most lethal combination ever brought to the RZR world! We have extensively tested with the 2017-Up RZR XP Turbo to make the most horsepower possible using our state of the art dyno center. All of our tunes feature a locked throttle by wire along with a raised rev limiter, raised speed limiter, optimized timing curve, optimized boost map and optimized fuel curve. We offer various levels of tuning to best suite your needs. The level 3 tune is the max on pump fuel. We recommend going with another lower HP tune for the rare occurrence you run into bad fuel. This would allow you to tune down and still be able to safely continue your ride.  


Our programming uses many inputs to control HP output safety:

  1. After intercooler temp - influences timing and desired boost to prevent detonation and pre-ignition.
  2. After turbo temp vs pre-turbo temp - keeps turbo in safe usable efficiency range.
  3. After intercooler pressure - influences timing and fuel flow
  4. Knock sensor - Detunes engine to a safe level if knock is indicated and maintains until key is cycled

Many are having trouble tapping in boost gauges with this system. Since the CX runs off of the factory sensors, it will not give you any trouble.


RZR XP Turbo Tunes Currently Available: 

Level 1 - 91 Octane 128-130 RWHP (Stock boost levels with limiters raised and/or removed)

Level 2 - 91 Octane 138-140 RWHP (+10 RWHP over stock)  *BMP Exhaust Recommended

Level 3 - 91 Octane 148-150 RWHP (+20 RWHP over stock) **BMP Exhaust Required

Level 4 - 100+ Octane 155 RWHP (+25 RWHP over stock) **BMP Exhaust Required

All horsepower levels are with the recommended BMP Slip-On Exhaust & BMP Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Baseline for a stock 2017 XP turbo was 127-128 RWHP

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