Honda Talon R Tender Spring Installation

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Honda Talon R Tender Spring Installation


  1. Lift machine and securely and remove tires
  2. Remove lower shock bolt followed by upper shock bolt
  3. Clean and lube threads on shock before loosening the spanner nut
  4. Unlock the spanner and Loosen the spanner nut the beginning of the threads just below reservoir.
  5. Slide lower spring base and remove the retainer ring carefully
  6. Remove lower spring and upper spring
  7. Install the 6in ATU tender spring followed by the OE lower spring and base followed by the retainer ring.
  8. Tighten the spanner nut setting the preload for the front at 2 inches (where threads begin top of spanner). And then reinstall and the machine



  1. Do exactly as stated for the front but installing ATU 10 inch tender and setting the preload (where threads begin top of spanner) at 2.5 inches. Reassemble and enjoy



Crossover Ring Adjustment

Crossover adjustment will either soften up the ride by moving the crossover ring up toward the top of the shock, or you can move it closer to the black slide collar while machine is at rest on all 4 tires. By doing this you can help control body roll and make the machine handle long drawn out whoops by crossing over to lower stiffer spring sooner.

A GOOD STARTING POINT FOR CROSSOVER AND PRFEFERED TRAIL SETTING is while machine is at rest on all 4 tires 2inches from black slider collar

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