Tender spring installation instructions

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Tender spring installation instructions



  1. Secure machine in Park. And then measure front ride height at forward lower a arm mount, then record. Then measure rear ride height right below the tow hook, and record.
  2. Lube and clean threads on all shocks with wire brush and WD40 type lube.
  3. Lift the front of the machine and remove the shocks. Now with shock removed loosen the large top spanner nut utilizing the holes. Loosen nut all the way to reservoir. Remove lower coupler and remove springs. Add new tender springs. Tighten spanner nut down 2 inches on the 1000xp, 1 inch on HL 1000xp, 2.5 on Turbo XP, and 2.5 on 900s .5in General .5in
  4. Re install shocks (we will fine tune after we do the rear). FINE TUNING will be setting the ride height. We do this because all machines are loaded different, from personal customizations.
  5. Rear – lift machine securely
  6. 1000xp and Turbo models do not have to be taken off. Simply loosen the spanner nut and slide the lower collar off using the slot. Install tender springs and set spanner at 7 inches from top of spanner to where threads begin. You will fine tune after the machine has been settled.
  7. 900s/1000s/General Remove rear shock and loosen spanner nut all the way. Slide springs up and utilize slot on lower collar to remove collar and remove the springs. Install smaller tenders and set spanner at 3 inches from where the threads start. You will fine tune after the machine has been settled.
  8. Reinstall all shocks and torque bolts.
  9. Now that all hardware is torqued properly, tires are re installed. Lower the machine off the jack and move the machine forward and backwards 3ft at a time for a few times to settle the suspension.
  10. Fine tune the preload with the ride height measurements supplied here. Adjust the spanner nut until ride height is achieved. Remember +/- .25 inches is ok.
    1. Front Ride height to tire size all models (high lifter models +1 inch to listed measurements below)
    2. When utilizing a lift kit and tender springs add lift setting to recommended ride height

Tire to ride height

  1. 28=13.5
  2. 29=14
  3. 30=14.5
  4. 31=15
  5. 32=15.5
  6. 33=16
  7. 34=16.5
  8. 35=17
  9. 36=17.5

Rear will set a half inch lower at rest than front measurements above. At point measured in step 1.

On some instances you may need to utilize a spring compressor. If a compressor is needed you can borrow them from your local parts store.

Springs are labeled with location to where they need to be placed.

Installation videos can be found at allthingsutv.com.

Always remember when towing/trailering your machine to secure machine over the tires, so springs aren’t potentially damaged. Please check out the website for all of your Polaris RZR needs.




















As a side note: kit may make noise or cause wear, as you are adding items that are not factory. All these things are normal and will cause no issues what so ever.spring-locate.png

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